About Us

Marco & Nadia, travel diary

Team Momio, local in San Frediano

MOMIO Cafeteria, RestaurantLounge was born from the union of Marco and Nadia and their love of catering in all its shades.

The idea has taken life in our heads during a hot Vietnamese day in Hue, then passion and curiosity motivated us during the journey that today brought us here to our local in San Frediano, in the heart of the historic center of Florence.

Along the way, over the years, we have collected memories, experiences, recipes and souvenirs, building up a personal view of cuisine and conviviality, always learning something new, guided by our instincts and our palate.

MOMIO  is a place where to reconcile, share or chat, where the atmospheres takes shape in different environments.

A place to explore for tireless travelers.



Team Momio, travel Companions

Chef Ristorante Gourmet Firenze

Marco Lagrimino
Chef . Owner
Sensible . Perfectionist . Joker

I started cultivating my passion for food and cooking since I was 16 years old. After I followed the course at the Viterbo Professional Institute, I undertook various culinary experiences around Orvieto, who have formed me and transmitted me the decisive flavors that are found today in my cuisine.
It’s difficult to label my cuisine as it is very subjective. I take inspiration from both the processing techniques and the combination of different ingredients from my past experiences, going from Nobu’s Japanese cuisine, to the revisit of the English cuisine of Heston’s Dinner, passing by the French cuisine of Sketch; to make them mine and reproposed them in a personal key.

Official Ambassador of Award-Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil De Carlo 


Nadia Möller
Maitre . Owner
Positive . Meticulous . Friendly

I have been introduced to the world of restaurants almost as a game, as a classic summer job during the last years of the Artistic High School of Orvieto. Once over the other side of the Channel, I decide to dedicate myself entirely to the career in catering business; so I participate at various courses, where I covered different duties of both service and reception. I had the pleasure of being part of Zafferano, Nobu, The Modern Pantry and Fourseasons, brigades.


Sarah Frasson
Pastry Chef
Tenacious . Professional . Fussy

After attending the IPSSAR Massimo Alberini in Treviso, she begins her adventure in the pastry world at the Bulgari Hotel & Resort in Milan and then headed to Venice at Hotel Cipriani; before arriving in Florence at the Fourseasons Hotel, where she is formed for several years by Domenico Clementi. Sarah and Marco met each other while the both were collaborating with the Fourseasons and the Gurdulù.


Daniele Bonechi
Commis Chef
Taciturn . Strong-Willed . Touchy


Luis Hajrullai
Chef De Rang . Sommelier
Sociable . Bright . Moustache